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Coni Judge – Executive Presence, Image/Impression Management, Persona and Personal Branding Expert.   Change Communications Consultant with over twenty years’ experience.  Drawing on her career working with CEO’s and senior leaders in some of the the world’s biggest companies, Coni can help YOU make a positive first impression and get results. 
“My unique FIVE FACETS of PERSONAL IMPACT approach is a proven, systematic process to reveal your blind spots and create a powerful personal presence.” – Coni

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Coni’s Books

Do you know what's in your blind spot?

EXECUTIVE PRESENCE FOR WOMEN – Volume 1 – The Five Facets Approach to Get the Job You Deserve by Coni Judge

What you don’t know about your executive presence may be what’s holding you back from getting the job you deserve, according to Coni Judge, a leading expert on personal presence and corporate communication.
As a woman in business, it’s a tough world where all your achievements, hard work, and talent don’t necessarily get you into the big chair. Ultimately, the job goes to the person (usually male) who looks and acts the part and is the “safe bet.”

Does this mean to get to the top you need to wear a suit and act like a dude? Absolutely not. You don’t have to be a man, but you can’t be a girl. “Girls” don’t get the job; they get the coffee. It’s harsh, but it’s true.
Every day, every meeting, every moment is a job interview for the big role.

Get the job your talents truly deserve.

EXECUTIVE PRESENCE FOR WOMEN – Volume 2 – Polishing Your Visual Facet to Look the Part by Coni Judge

“There is this completely unrealistic expectation that women should just automatically and without effort look ‘right’ in the workplace. If we work at it, we set ourselves up to get it ‘wrong’. What are we to do? Can you be authentic and actively cultivate a strategic, professional appearance? “Do you have to sell out to succeed?”

The answer, says personal presence and corporate communications expert Coni Judge, is an emphatic ‘No!’

Coni explores the pressures that women face when it comes to looking ‘right’ in order to be taken seriously for the top jobs in large companies.

How to Manage Your Verbal Presence

EXECUTIVE PRESENCE FOR WOMEN – Volume 3 – Polishing Your Verbal Facet to Sound the Part by Coni Judge

In the corporate world, there are several conundrums women have to contend with in order to manage their verbal presence:
•Be feminine, but speak with strength and presence
•Lower your pitch, but don’t speak too low and sexy
•Don’t talk too fast, but don’t talk too slow
•Show energy, but don’t over emote.
How do you balance these dichotomies but remain authentic? To start with, you must be aware, states communications expert, Coni Judge.

In Executive Presence for Women: How to Polish your Visual Presence and Look the Part, Coni Judge continues her exploration of how women can break through the glass ceiling in the corporate world by monitoring and mastering their verbal impact.

How to Polish Your Kinesthetic Facet

EXECUTIVE PRESENCE FOR WOMEN – Volume 4 – Mastering Body Language and Energy by Coni Judge

What does your body language say about you? Are you positive that you’re sending out the “right message” through your non-verbal communication? Does your boss or peers see you as too high strung or too low tone? Could your energy and body cues unknowingly be holding you back from getting the corner office and C-level title?

All of these issues relate to your kinesthetic first impression. Don’t let what’s in your kinesthetic blind spot hold you back. Start today and learn a remarkably effective way to send your career skyrocketing by polishing your kinesthetic facet.

Communications expert Coni Judge explains how to project a competent, dynamic and appealing executive presence.

A “how-to guide” for success in any business climate.

EXECUTIVE PRESENCE FOR WOMEN – Volume 5 – Feeling Confident in Any Situation by Coni Judge

The book looks at the art of etiquette in a bold a new way and outlines real, hands on ways for women to polish their sociability and, in the process, help their careers.

You will learn the five key tips for social success, such as how to stay in control even when you are faced with the most difficult of situations. Whether you are shy and feel drained by social situations, have trouble making small talk or just don’t know the right way to mingle, Coni Judge has the answers.

Get that indefinable quality called “gravitas”

EXECUTIVE PRESENCE FOR WOMEN – Volume 6 – Mastering the Secrets of Gravitas, Politics and Positioning to Get the Job You Deserve by Coni Judge

What does it take to have the indefinable quality that so few people have and so many want? That quality is often called “gravitas.” When it comes to accelerating your career, having gravitas in your corner can make all the difference between slipping through the cracks and achieving the peak levels of success. But the first step is defining what you want to achieve and finding your center; Coni Judge adeptly takes you through the process in this innovative book for women.

Gain the ability to always hold your ground. Others will see you as a leader and find you to be trustworthy when you consistently present yourself in a credible and reliable manner. You’ll also learn to avoid the drama and not let irrelevant factors stand in your way.

How to manage the "IT" factor that puts you in the running

HOW TO GET “IT” – The Power of Executive Presence for Women by Coni Judge

The most comprehensive Executive Presence resource targeted at helping women, you’ll learn Coni’s breakthrough ‘Five Facets’ model and how to: • Take command while being likeable and authentic • Build effective relationships that lead to being promoted • Look like a leader and avoid common image mistakes many women make • Project competence and inspire confidence through body language and personal energy • Tackle difficult conversations with your boss and subordinates • Manage corporate social protocols with ease • Navigate potential leadership obstacles that only women face: including motherhood, mean girl syndrome, and relationships

"A gem of a book" - get ready to have your ideal salon at last!


Are you and your salon at the top of your game – or still trying to get there? Take your cues from Coni’s book, “The Eight Answers to Salon Success”, where the strategies used by successful leaders, athletes and executives are applied to the world of the salon manager/owner – backed by research that shows exactly what has the biggest impact on both happiness and performance. Here’s a hint: great salon owners reach their goals because of what they do, not who they are. Readers have called this ‘a gem of a book.’ Get ready to have your ideal salon at last!

“Change isn’t easy – but I believe it IS possible to look in the mirror and feel great.

It IS possible to change your looks and change your life.

It IS possible to feel confident and make a permanent change in your self esteem.

If you are ready to become the best version of yourself, I’m here to help you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!” – Coni

It's all about Satisfied Clients...

“Working with Coni has been such a positive experience. I’ve lost track of the positive comments from colleagues, friends, family and others who are amazed by the transformation and see this as a better version of who I really am.”
– Anne Ewers, CEO, Utah Symphony and Opera Association

“Coni Judge can give you what you always wished for and never dared believe was possible: the opportunity to be guided, by someone who cares, toward making your outside impact match the best of who you are inside. I give her services five stars!”
– Dawna Markova, Author and Speaker

“Coni is extremely gifted in helping leaders create a powerful personal brand. Work with her – you’ll enjoy, and benefit from, the experience.”
– Kevin Murray, Managing Director, Bell-Pottinger Communications, London


“After working with Coni, I look and feel fabulous.  I now know what to wear, when to wear it, and how to present a great image.  I recommend her highly to anyone who wants to feel confident and powerful every day.”
– Gloria Castillo, CEO, Chicago United


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